In a significant development for Kenya’s aviation sector, multiple airlines are taking strategic steps to improve air connectivity within and beyond the country.

Kenya Airways Resumes Flights to Eldoret, Strengthening Local Market Presence

Kenya Airways has resumed flights from JKIA to Eldoret after almost a decade marking a significant comeback. The reinstatement of this crucial air link to Eldoret shows Kenya Airways’ unwavering commitment to improving connectivity within the country and enhancing its presence in the local aviation market.

Effective immediately, Kenya Airways will operate flights to Eldoret five days a week, providing convenient travel options on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. This increased frequency aims to meet the growing demand for air travel to and from Eldoret, a vital economic hub and doorway in Kenya’s Rift Valley region.

The reintroduction of Kenya Airways’ services is expected to enhance competition with Jambo Jet, offering passengers a wider choice and options to suit their travel needs.

Skyward Increases Flights to Double Daily from JKIA to Mombasa

Skyward Express has announced its plan to increase the number of daily flights between Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) and Mombasa, starting from March 28. The airline aims to improve passenger convenience and flexibility by providing morning and evening departure options, which will cater to varying travel schedules and preferences.

The decision to double the flight frequency on the Nairobi-Mombasa route is due to the high demand for air travel between the two cities. The Nairobi-Mombasa corridor is one of the busiest domestic routes in Kenya, with up to 120 weekly flights. It serves as a critical route for both business and leisure travellers.

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Kenya Airways Cargo Launches Direct Flights from Sharjah to Nairobi

Kenya Airways Cargo (KQ Cargo) is now offering direct cargo flights from Nairobi to Sharjah, UAE. With a frequency of four (4) flights per week, KQ Cargo will use a B737F cargo aircraft for seamless transportation between the two destinations.

These flights will extend to multiple African destinations, improving connectivity and trade relations between the United Arab Emirates and African countries. This strategic initiative aims to meet the growing demand for efficient cargo services in the region, promoting economic exchange and cooperation between Africa and the UAE.

Astral Aviation Resumes Cargo Flights to Eldoret

Starting from March 14, 2024, Astral Aviation will be operating regular cargo flights between Sharjah and Eldoret utilizing a Boeing 767 Freighter that has a cargo capacity of 40 tons.

The outbound flight from Nairobi to Sharjah will primarily transport perishable goods from Kenya, such as flowers, fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat, destined for the UAE.

This marks the reinstatement of cargo flights to Eldoret International Airport after nearly a year-long break, indicating Astral Aviation’s commitment to enhancing air connectivity and facilitating the efficient transportation of goods between the UAE and Kenya.

Cover Image: Astral Aviation