How Much Do Travellers Pay for Airport Passenger Service Tax in Africa?

This is a project I did in light of the Africa Civil Aviation ongoing activities to ensure the implementation of the Single African Air Transport Market initiative which aims to create a single market for air transport in Africa through liberalization of the industry. Airport taxes levied across airports in Africa have been mentioned as a hindrance towards this implementation.

The Data

Data research and collection by accessing different sources including airport, ICAO and IATA websites that had the latest and revised rates.

The Insights

  • The are 3 different taxes levied on air travellers in the continent. i.e. Departure, Transfer and Arrival. Some airports charge all the 3 taxes.
  • The Average tax is US$86.
  • The highest tax charged is US$163, a departure tax levied in Niamey, Niger. Maseru, Lesotho levies the lowest dep & tra at US$3.

The interactive viz: Airport Passenger Service Charge Africa