Kenya’s Air Travel Domestic Market 2023

Using data collected from airline booking engines, airports and tracking sites, I analyzed airlines and airports in Kenya with scheduled operations. The aim was to shed light on the state of the aviation industry in Kenya. Who are the key players? Which are the busiest routes? What is the price of an air ticket to various routes? Is there space for new entrants?

Below are some insights to digest:

👉 There are 8 airlines operating 1,782 weekly scheduled flights.
👉 Jambojet leads the domestic market with a 42% market share based on the number of flights.
👉 The Busiest domestic route is NBO – MBA with 120 flights.
👉 The Average air ticket price is US$61
👉 Wilson Airport (WIS) is the most connected airport with 12 destinations.
👉Potential weekly revenue generated is US$860K***

***Pax & revenue figures are a hypothesis!

Here is a link to the interactive Viz where you can filter by the airport and see the airlines on each route and the average airfare: 

The interactive viz: Kenya’s Air Travel Domestic Market 2023