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Above and Beyond: Update on Kenya’s Air Connectivity & Route 2024

In a significant development for Kenya’s aviation sector, multiple airlines are taking strategic steps to improve air connectivity within and beyond the country. Kenya Airways Resumes Flights to Eldoret, Strengthening Local Market Presence Kenya Airways has resumed flights from JKIA to Eldoret after almost a decade marking a significant comeback. The reinstatement of this crucial…

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A Dive into West African Air Transport Connectivity 

Toward the end of 2023, I embarked on an aerial journey through one of Africa’s vibrant air transport corridors. I unveiled key insights that define the state of connectivity in this dynamic West African region. My exploration culminates in a concise one-page dashboard, offering a snapshot of the aviation landscape. For interactivity on this visual,…

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Summary of New Air Routes to Nairobi & Mombasa in 2024: A Boost for Connectivity & Tourism

As we enter 2024, the aviation industry in East Africa is undergoing significant changes. Nairobi and Mombasa, two important gateways to the stunning landscapes and thriving economies of East Africa, will soon have new air routes, providing greater connectivity, convenience, and exciting travel opportunities. They also demonstrate the confidence of major international airlines in the…

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